Beginning Band Info

Welcome to the Tavares Band Family!

We’re sure many of our incoming 6th graders and beginners have questions about band. We’ll try to answer some of the most common questions here. If you need additional information, feel free to contact the band director, Mr. Higginbotham via email

Be sure to check out the FORMS Page to get all of your forms in and submitted on time by August 23rd, 2019!


We will have a MANDATORY Beginning Band Parent meeting for Instrument Rentals. Date soon to follow.

Attendance is REQUIRED for students and parents. 

Also, we will have MANDATORY Beginner Day in the Tavares Middle School Band Room. Date soon to follow

Attendance is REQUIRED for students. 


Q: “What do I need to do to join band?”
A: First – you need to have a love for music!

Once you have that it’s on to the next step! You need to put band as your number 1 choice when you are picking your electives for next year at TMS.  If the time has already passed to pick electives, send Mr. Higginbotham an email ( expressing your interest to join band.  


Q: “But I don’t play an instrument or know how to read music!”

A: That’s ok! There is no experience necessary. That’s why I am here. I will teach you everything from the beginning.


Q: “What instruments can I choose from?”


A:  The instruments available in beginning band are:




French Horn




I don’t see the instrument I want to play listed above. What does that mean? I transition students to other instruments after Christmas break. I do this because it is a privilege to play instruments like Oboe, Bassoon, Saxophone and Percussion. I audition students that are interested and show high potential on these instruments.

Q: “How do I pick an instrument to play?”

A: We will do this together. During the fall all the band students will get to test out all of the instruments. Together we will pick which instrument you are going to play. So don’t run out and get an instrument yet! :)

Choosing an instrument is based on three things:

1. What instrument are you best suited to play? Just like some people are naturally built to play basketball and others football, some people are built to play flute and others tuba. Everyone is different, therefore, everyone is made to play a different instrument.


2. What instrument are you going to have the most fun playing? Let’s face it – if you don’t like the instrument you are not going to want to practice! So we will pick out an instrument that you will enjoy and want to succeed on.


3. What instrument will best fit the entire band? Picking an instrument isn’t just for you – it’s for the band too. We will need to pick an instrument that is the best fit for you and for the instrumentation of the entire band. What would a band sound like if it had 15 flutes and 10 percussionists and 1 tuba?


Q: “Does band cost money?”

A:  Yes, like sports, scouts and other activities, there are costs associated with being in band. However, I can assure you we do everything we can to keep these costs as low as possible. Band is affordable even in this economy! At Tavares, we want everyone to be able to participate. We hold various fundraisers throughout the year in an effort to make band as cheap as possible for all students. Money should not be the reason you pass up such an incredible opportunity!  Please email Ms. Warnet with any financial concerns you may have.  


If you have any other questions about joining band please contact me.

I look forward to meeting you and having you join our band family!

Mr. Jimmy Higginbotham

Band Director

(352) 343-4545