Instruments & Maintenance

Instrument Requirements

All in hard cases (no gig bags)

Absolutely NO colored instruments!

Accent on Achievement Book 1 for beginners required

Accent on Achievement Book 2 for intermediate required

Cleaning Kit/ Maintenance Kit required for wind instruments

Wire Stands, Tuners and Metronomes recommended but optional


Flute– Gemeinhardt, Yamaha

Oboe– Fox, Yamaha, Renard, Vito (we have 2)

            With med-soft and plastic reed

            Good Quality Handmade Double Reeds available by Stellar Oboe Products at

Bassoon- Good Quality Handmade Double Reeds available at or

Clarinet– Buffet, Selmer/Bundy, Vito, Yamaha

            Mouthpiece- Vandoren B45 or M30 with Rovner Leather Ligature & Vandoren 2 ½ reeds

            Wood vs. Plastic- Wood gets a warmer sound but is for indoor use only, plastic is more durable

and is able to be played outdoors

Saxophones (alto & tenor)- Keilwerth, Buescher, Yahama, Selmer, Vito

            Mouthpiece- Caravan or Selmer C* with Rovner Leather Ligature & Vandoren 2 ½ reeds

& Padded neck strap

Trumpet– Bach,Yamaha,Conn, Besson, Selmer, Blessing

            Mouthpiece- Bach 7C or 3C

            Need to have 1st and 3rd valve slide saddles; avoid triggers, they aren’t as precise

Horn- Holton,Yahama,Conn, Bach, Selmer (double preferred if financially possible for student)

            Mouthpiece- Bach 11

Trombone/Euphonium– Yamaha, Bach, Holton, Blessing,Conn

            Mouthpiece- Bach, Blessing, Giardinelli 6 ½ALMouthpiece

Tuba– Mouthpiece- Helleberg, Bach 18 or 24 AW

Percussion-Percussionists need their own stick bag with a drum key, at least 3 sizes of sticks, brushes and

an assortment of mallets and beaters


New Preferred, Rental Returns OK, please Avoid eBay

High Quality Instruments are a MUST! No “First Act” or “Deg” Instruments.  Avoid inexpensive Band instruments manufactured in Asia & theMiddle East.  They are impossible to play in tune and once something breaks they cannot be repaired.  A used high quality instrument is better than a poorly manufactured brand new one.



All school-owned instruments must be checked out at the beginning of the year by filling out an Instrument Rental/Liability Form.  Once issued, the instrument becomes the responsibility of the student for proper care, maintenance, and protection from damage or theft.  The student will be responsible for and charged for any damages or loss incurred to the instrument during the rental period.  Due to the “shared” nature of percussion instruments, all percussionists will share collectively in the responsibility for damage or loss of percussion instruments/equipment.  The rental fee is $50.00 for the year and $25.00 for the summer.